Upper Allegheny Joint Sanitary Authority Sewage Treatment Plant

Allegheny County, PA

The Upper Allegheny Joint Sanitary Authority serves approximately 10,000 customers in the communities of Tarentum, Borough of Brackenridge, East Deer Township, Fawn Township and Harrison Township in Allegheny County.  Gibson-Thomas Engineering serves as the Engineer for the Upper Allegheny Joint Sanitary Authority, and is responsible for designing all replacements or upgrades that maintain the 6 mgd sewage treatment plant.  Gibson-Thomas Engineering is also responsible for designing capital improvements, including the following:  final clarified additions with building and equipment, digester wall rehabilitation, fuel storage tank removal, replacement of plant and pumping station doors, comminutor replacement, replacement and upgrade of plant grit hopper, replacement of grit pumps and collection system, replacement of Worthington compressors with smaller, more efficient models, replacement of deteriorated hand rails and grating, replacement and upgrade of all combined system outfalls, replacement of plant main pumps, renovation of parking lots and roadways, construction of a new plant entrance gate with automatic controls, installation of new drainage ditches on the plant grounds, and painting of the interior and exterior at the plant and pump station.  Previous upgrades include the modifications of the existing aeration system, digester conversion from anaerobic to aerobic, and numerous mechanical improvements.